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Maths Practise And Workbook for Grade 2

First to Second Grade Smart Study Maths Kit for Elementary Junior Kids

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7 Activities your child should be doing by Grade first or second. Researched working with eminent education personalities and thru various books. 'Junior Maths' enhances the basic concepts of Maths while allowing the child to concentrate. It is designed to stimulate the thinking process of child's brain and help him in applying mathematical concepts to daily life. Various critical thinking activities here help the child to go beyond finger counting , understand the concept of zero, add more than two numbers, apply multiple concepts, practice tables, analyze word problems and above all develop mathematical reasoning.

Montessori Phonics Learning for KinderGarten 1

Montessori Phonics Kindergarten 1 - Short Vowel First Words,Sounds and Story reading for Elementary Junior Kids

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This 'Phonics Kindergarten 1' App is designed specifically for pre-readers and beginning readers. It has been carefully structured to develop the ability to identify individual sounds in words. While enjoying learning with this app, kids will be able to relate letters and sounds to form simple words. This app has two sections – 'Learn to Read' - Child learns simple words here through beginning, ending and vowel sounds. 'I Can Read' - This section is a collection of stories with words carefully selected encouraging the child to read more and more.

Montessori Learning KG to First Grade

Montessori Learning - Maths, Phonics, Spelling, Coloring, Painting and more for Kids Grade KG to 1

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If your kid is starting grade 1 from KinderGarten and you are looking to make him/her learn concepts thru montessori way of exploring visually. Or provide some fun way of learning first grade concepts in maths, phonics, spelling, reading, blends along with digitally drawing, coloring, mazes and joining dots and more These 12 fun mini-games help your child learn first grade lessons. Whether they are just starting first grade, or need to review and master the subjects, this is a perfect learning tool for your kids aged 4-6.